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About us ...

Highland Blast was founded in 2013 by Dominic Dalgarno. After moving to North Sutherland, Dominic spotted a gap in the local service industry & Highland Blast was formed. Originally from Aberdeen, Dominic built up well over a decade of experience in the fabric maintenance industry both on and offshore. Almost 6 years on & centrally based in Glenmoriston, Highland Blast has gained a very impressive portfolio & reputable client base.

Highland Blast are extremely proud to be the main provider of Soda blasting & abrasive blasting in the North of Scotland. We are delighted to now be able to offer our services all over Scotland.

Highland Blast and Paint contractors ltd are resisted in Scotland, fully insured & V.A.T registered.

VAT Registration No: 264 6155 95

A family business

Highland Blast is a family run business, who pride themselves on excellent customer service. With Dominic at the helm of the company, Sarah took on an official role in 2017. Having 4 daughters aged between 14.5 years & 2 years old, whilst juggling family life along side a busy business is definitely a team effort. 

“Were super proud of what we’ve achieved so far” said Sarah. "We understand being working parents that you cant always get things done straight away and in regular working hours, so we are open 6.30 - 10pm everyday. That way if clients want to get in touch at random times we are here to help". 

Sarah has 16 years experience in sales, advertising & retail management, and deals with the social media, advertising & day to day running of the business. Constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to evolve Highland Blast & open up its services to everyone. 

Dominic does the graft. "It's not just about having experience, its about being good at what you do and enjoying it. As a tradesman I'm always looking for ways to better our services and make them accessible to everyone. I enjoy seeing the customers reaction when the job is complete & being proud of the end product." 

The Girls. With their matching Highland Blast hoodies & random promotion ideas - Larls: (Guess the weight of our grandma?) They are definitely a driving force behind the business. In-fact pretty much all of it is about them. (1) There is usually at least one of them awake, hence us being able to reply to correspondence in the middle of the night. Wake up wanting a quote for up-cycling that old bird table at 2.56am, just drop us an email. (2) We run the parent taxi service so picking up & dropping off clients items is never an issue as were out anyway. (3) Working all over Scotland gives Dominic a chance to have an undisturbed nights sleep and eat a meal that a toddler hasn't half swiped off his plate (4) Usually at least one of them is screaming or yelling, so if you would like to discuss a project in person that's not a problem, Dominic: "you need a job pricing a.s.a.p? I will be there in 10 minutes", (5) By setting up Highland Blast we're working for their future. So if hiring Highland Blast to work for you hasn't been completely swayed by our great prices, brilliant customer service, amazing past projects & extensive knowledge ........... Do it for the children.

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