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Highland Blast offering the right kind of blasting for your project.

For those not in the know; What is abrasive blasting? Also known as sand blasting, shot blasting or blast cleaning. The technical description for it is a process where small particles are propelled at a substrate by compressed air. If you have an item with corrosion (rust), unwanted paint, anti-foul, wood stain & varnish, we can blast away that layer bringing it back to its former glory.

This can be done on industrial, commercial & domestic levels.

Items previously blasted include; stone, brickwork & timber buildings, chimney breasts, roofs, rally cars shells, wheels, balustrades/ spindles, tractors, heavy plant, machinery, trailers, swimming pools, keel plates, anchors, gates / fences, fire places, large industrial structure, lorry chassis & skips.

We have recently invested in state of the art Soda blasting equipment, for more information in this service please get in touch for a free quote.


This is an area of Highland Blast that director Sarah is passionate about. Upcycling is a brilliant way to take an old item and make it look brand new. How many of us have some rusty junk chucked at the bottom of the garden or in the back of the shed, you know that item you got at a reclamation yard for 20 quid with big plans to do it up yourself at some point, but just never got round to it? This is where Highland Blast comes in. Whether your wanting to keep the item for yourself of to get it done up and sell it on for a profit, we can help. For rusty items we can blast the rust away, then either prime them so you can paint them yourself, or prime and coat them with colours of your choice. Got a flaky old wooden rowing boat hiding in the undergrowth? We can blast & paint it for you, they make great planters, lovely garden features / seating areas, or with a bit of d.i.y, great little picnic areas for the kids. Send us a couple of photos or your potential project and we will get straight back in touch with a quote.


Antifoul Removal - A speedy way to remove antifoul from your vessel. Using a tried and tested wet blasting method this is the perfect service for the time conscious business owner and weekend enthusiast alike. Carried out within the confines of the Highland Blast mobile habitat we ensure no near by vessels will be effected by the process. Keel plate blast & prime - Whist your vessel is out of the water for essential maintenance its the perfect time to get a keep plate blast and prime. This process can either be carried out at our premises or we can come to you.

Surface preparation

Also known as roughing/ keying up is. This process is used to aid adhesion, eg. paint and tiles.

Stone rejuvenation

Stone & Brickwork will be restored to its former colour and beauty without loosing any of it integrity. Removing unwanted paint work, render, surface damage, graffiti and fire damage can also be carried out on smaller areas, such as lintels, walls, decking, and walk ways. Stone Rejuvenation is a popular service perfect for dated, painted or fire damaged buildings. Churches, domestic homes, holiday cottages and B&B can all benefit from this process. Test patches are available for this service. This gives clients a look at what can be achieved and enables us to give a more accurate quote.

Soda blasting

Soda blasting is the perfect solution to removing smoke & fire damage from buildings. Often the smell of a fire can remain long after the damaged look has been removed. Soda blasting will eliminate both the look and the smell of fire & smoke damage from surfaces. We find our main clients for this service are insurance companies or contractors who have been told about us by their customers. We understand that house fires can be very traumatic for all involved, so clients requiring this service in order to get back in their homes, become priority on our bookings list.

Wet blasting

Highland Blast are pleased to offer this excellent service. Often used on Marine & stone rejuvenation projects, It is when water is incorporated with media to suppress the dust caused by dry abrasive blasting. Its often thought of as the cleaner option, perfect for use in enclosed or small areas, highly populated & pedestrianised areas, or on commercial and road side projects. 

Needle gunning

Where mechanical steel preparation is required opposed to abrasive blasting we offer needle gunning. Recommended for removing excessive mill scale & corrosion. Often within confined spaces, areas of limited ventilation or close to sensitive areas such as waterways.

Oak beam blasting

This a bespoke service where clients get to choose the exact shade they would like for their timber via a test patch. We usually meet clients before the first day of blasting and carry out a test patch on a unused or unseen patch of timber. This gives clients chance to go away and decide which shade they prefer. Different shades and textures can be achieved by altering blast pressure and distance, all of which are shown on the test patch.


Highland Blast offer a full coatings service, catered to each clients requirements.

From Blasted & primed, so the blasted area is left protected to Multiple coatings systems including intermediates and finishes. Regular coating applications include: epoxy coatings, polyurethanes, temperature resistant silicones, glassflake, single pack, and low VOC.

With many years of industrial painting / spraying experience we are happy to discuss large scales projects. All tender invites from Industrial & Commercial contractors are most welcome. Due to being mobile company location of projects are no issue.

All our clients Clients can choose any colour they like to paint their items. Fancying a Rainbow radiator or a Thwaites yellow heavy plant, Highland Blast are happy to oblige. If your unsure what to go with we are happy to advise.

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